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Since the naissance of human beings,many people have dreamed of flying in the sky like birds.Actuated by such a nice dream,people invented planes and finally made the dream no more a fancy.However,it is obvious that in the current economic and technological levels,not everybody has the chance to experience the feeling of flying in the sky and overlooking the world.Thus,we want to develop a project which allows common people to experience such feelings,which will tremendously provide users a brand new perspective and broaden people’s life experience. We want to use Virtual Reality Technology to provide a immersive environment for users to drive UAV(Unmanned aerial vehicle) in order to simulate the feeling of controlling a plane in the sky creatively.In our project,we will present a virtual cockpit in a pair of head-ounted virtual reality glasses and transmit the images of your hands’ motions to the virtual world to help you control.What’s shown in your vision is the images acquired from the camera of the UAV in real time.Intel RealSense™ is used to catch your hands’ motions.The cloud is used to send orders to control the flight of UAV.What’s more,we will add in the function of the UAV formation flight and communication. This project will create a realistic driving environment of helicopter and offer the function of flight assistance,formation cruise and multi-users’ cooperation to realize the innovation of the application of UAV and rich people’s life experience.

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