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The project we want to implement is a pretty crazy native cloud application making full use of Microsoft Office and Windows Azure to achieve the goal that makes an average human-being cannot programming create their own proprietary softwares. Our whole innovation devote making wysiwyg reality when common person define his/her own applications. The main body of our design is a cloud-based Microsoft Office Plug-in that combines Microsoft Office and Windows Azure. With a few simple steps such as typing some words in Words or PowerPoint even some shapes in Visio shows your spark and so, the users can define their own applications. Powerful semantic analysis and natural language processing we do make it happens no matter how crazy your ideas are. The data preprocessed by our software local will transmit to Azure contains a series of services including generating native code, compiling it and build it. Besides the basis function, there are some unique features. Firstly, we will establish the app store contains the proprietary softwares created by users. Secondly, the reserved interface for developers we set will make developers build software templates easily to enrich our extension libraries on our platform in order to satisfy the user requirement. So, we chose ‘Innovation’ as our theme. Our project is so innovative and crazy that it combines Azure and Office together, through our bold innovation, making it possible to customize the users’ proprietary software by office. Moreover, our clouds not only contain users’ cloud, but also covers the developers’ cloud. Smart cloud service makes our project bring users excellent experience. Finally, our project includes the following third party content. Microsoft Office 2013,Microsoft Azure,Visual Studio 2013 and the Lucene toolkits.

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