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project introduction

This project develops an application software that sorts out the picture and video in mobile phone mainly using face detection, face recognition, data mining and text processing, and shows them on timer shaft. We get inspiration from this phenomenon that smart phones become an essential part of our life, and social activity and preserve our memory on mobile phone becomes more and more important. However, classified management of images, information and videos on mobile phone is not humanization now. We make full use of superior performance of Intel chips for phone and the popular technologies such as face recognition, cloud services, data mining and data visualization, synthesize the images, videos, even blog and emails, and show it on timer shaft intuitively. When it comes to innovation, E-contact integrates these new technologies such as face recognition, data mining and data visualization, applies it to social network market, synthesize and sort out the information, images and videos in mobile phone in order to provide convenience for users to recall memory at the same time. After all, every casual moment now cannot come back in the future.

Project Image

Here are some images of my project

Project Video1

Project Video2